Care Pages Archive

The medical support website, is ending its service 10-31-17.  I have been using that site for years to chronicle the journey toward my son’s Liver Transplant, which occurred 7-30-13 and subsequent challenges.  That site provided a forum to share info with interested parties, to “process” some happenings, & to receive prayers & support from family & friends.

I couldn’t bear to part with all of the info represented by that intensive journey so I’ve been looking for another online site where those details might be preserved.  It is my hope that this archive of our journey, in particular as related to Liver Transplant, might be available for reflection & a potentially wider readership than those who came to carepages to deliberately read the Jazzman Page.  I also hope to preserve my son’s Care Page wanders, from his JosiahTheOvercomer page.

Thank you for being part of our journey, one that continues to the present day, for once having received a Liver Transplant my son will require Liver Transplant Team medical management for the rest of his life.

There are many topics that we shared during the Care Pages years, the bulk of which relate directly or indirectly to managing the complex needs of our son, Josiah.  In addition to Liver Transplant he has faced numerous medical challenges including Open Heart Surgery, Brain Surgery, & numerous birth defect repairs.  Josiah is also on the Autism Spectrum and there have been many adventures in managing communication, behavior, socialization, & education.  These areas were touched on at Care Pages.

Finally, I also shared happenings with our family of six, now seven with our oldest son’s recent marriage.   Numerous details about our family have been shared over the years.  We received prayerful & encouraging feedback from various people through Care Pages as well, and each of those posts will also hopefully be preserved here as well.

God Bless You & thank you for touching base with our Journaling For The Jazzman Care Page archive.  I hope & pray that our journey may touch your heart.  We’d love to hear from you & offer prayer & encouragement for your journey as we are able.