About Jazzman Journal

This site is initially being created as a way to preserve an archive of my longtime CarePages.com site, Journaling For The Jazzman.  That Carepage site enabled us to share many aspects of our journey toward our son Josiah’s Liver Transplant and post-operative care.  It also allowed people to share comments, prayers, & encouragement with us as we faced some extremely challenging circumstances.

So Jazzman Journal exists first to preserve an archive of that Journaling For The Jazzman carepage site before it is no longer available at the end of October 2017.

Secondarily Jazzman Journal May become another forum where Journaling For The Jazzman readers can learn about what is happening with Josiah & our family and share prayerfully in that journey.  If Jazzman Journal develops that way the wordpress format may actually facilitate more interaction between us so that we can mutually encourage & edify each other.

Finally Jazzman Journal may end up becoming the repository of more of the more deeply personal sharing of stories, prayer requests, & praise reports as had been occurring via the carepage site.  This will be different that the SpecialConnections.wordpress.com page that I also curate.  That blog is more wide ranging and focuses on numerous arenas but was not as personal as the Journaling For The Jazzman care page site became.  It is my hope that our readers & prayer warriors from that care page site will elect to participate here as well…but as this is a new endeavor that obviously remains to be seen…

Thank you for stopping by and for sharing a bit of our family’s current & historical journey.  May God Bless YOU and sustain you through whatever journeys you face!

PS  If you want to jump through the Jazzman posts chronologically here’s where you can start to get the flavor of what CarePages presented:


Also, after completing the archiving of the Jazzman CarePage I ended up creating another medical needs blog though one of the sites recommended by CarePages.  If you are interested, please stop by & check out what’s going on in Josiah’s life & what hopefully becomes another caring & sharing community of prayerful & loving support.  Here’s the site:


Josiah & I also ended up archiving his personal CarePage blog, JosiahTheOvercomer, that he began sometime after having received his Transplanted Liver.  Check it out here:


Finally, since I’m really bad about letting things go, I decided to archive a friend’s Liver Transplant CarePage.  That site represents a very convoluted journey to Liver Transplant that was completely different from what we experienced with Josiah.  I had intended to have a link to that scroll through here on the Jazzman Journal but it seems it would be better for that site to be its own separate entity.  It is just the publicly available material from that CarePage site with occasional commentary or clarifications by me clearly marked.  Please check out that fascinating & Godly Transplant Tale here:


I really hope the material shared at the above sites & here at the Jazzman Journal is a blessing to you.  Please drop us a line & let us know how our stories have impacted you, or how we can pray for you.  God Bless YOU!


In an effort to ease the navigation of this archival site, here is the latest post.  Eventually I hope to use tools that will making finding these posts easier…