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Josiah’s Updates

12-12-17 Cardiology Visit, Part 2

Posted Dec 12, 2017 3:27pm

In other news, Josiah is now in Special Olympics Basketball & is to play in his first Tournament for the Season this Saturday. As Michael & Clarissa plan to be Hunting Up North this weekend it might be just J & I at his games, unless Brandon &/or other family members are also available. The Football Team he helped couch ended up winning their championship (Josiah missed that final game as he was at the Special Olympics Floor Hockey Tournament in Lansing then). He went out to eat for his birthday with a couple of friends, including the guy that got him into coaching. This guy had gotten Josiah a Championship Ring for helping coach the team so Josiah has it on a necklace now! He also had a pleasant visit with a couple of old high-school friends while they were in town for Thanksgiving & was pleased to get a birthday card from one of the girls too…

All our guys just recently celebrated their birthdays (11/22, 12/3, & 12/4-X2) & we plan an extended family outing on this Thursday belatedly. We had Nathaniel & Tara over for his b-day for a nice home-cooked meal & were going to have a family brunch last weekend, but Michael was under the weather so plans got modified. We did end up getting to watch one of our standard Christmas Movies, Home Alone, with the Entire Curren Clan recently, so that was a fun treat for all of us.

Clarissa finally took some initiative & met with an Academic Adviser at Henry Ford (Community?) College & is to enroll in classes this week for next semester. Everything she plans to take is transferable back to U of M Dearborn whenever she ends up going back there. She also wrapped up this semester’s work with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship last week as a Christmas Party event. She’s made a year-long leadership commitment with IV so will keep at it next semester too.

Brandon is heading into Finals at Eastern Michigan. He’s had a tough time juggling all the things he wants to do & ultimately ended up dropping one of his classes. The terms of his Full-Ride Scholarship require him to Attempt at least 15 Credit Hours each semester but not necessarily to complete all 15 credits. He may have a touch of Senioritis as he approaches his final semester & he’s really working too many hours to carry as heavy of an academic load. He’s been helping out at our church’s Trail Life program (kind of like a Christian version of Boy Scouts) with one of his friends & has enjoyed impacting some young guys for the kingdom. He also recently participated in Try-Outs at a local community theater & was cast in a non-speaking role for their upcoming production of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. As there is a lot of rough language in that play getting a no-talking role was a literal answer to prayer. They will put on this play sometime in March.

Nathaniel recently underwent a two-year review at work & got good feedback & a raise! He’s doing pretty well in his new position but misses the way he could better control his day in his old role. He & Tara seem to be doing pretty well. They have set up a lovely Christmas Tree in their front window, something we have yet to do on the home-front. He & Tara (& occasionally Brandon) are playing indoor soccer with some friends but we haven’t yet made it to a game this season…

Michael had hoped to get hunting during Muzzleloader Season but his illness & time constraints ultimately made this impossible this year. For their upcoming hunting trip he & Clarissa will both be using their cross-bows. I hope he’ll get a chance to sight-in his Muzzleloader this weekend but it sounds like he doesn’t see the point as he’d probably just have to sight it in again next year…

After the Holiday Season is past, sometime in January, both Josiah & I plan to look for some part-time work. Please consider praying for both of us as we branch out in some new endeavors. We hope/pray that the Lord will Open Doors before us & lead each of us where He’d have us go…

We hope you are each enjoying this Festive Time of Year with Family & Friends and that you continue to keep the True Reason for the Season in your hearts now & always. May the Lord continue to “Bless Us, Every One” as we seek Him, find Him, & Find Ourselves Being Conformed to His Image more & more each day…

In Christ’s Love, Peace, & Joy!


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Posted Dec 18, 2017 11:12pm

Have checked out the new site and have been following Josiah’s and your posts. I continue to pray for your family and will be remembering your job searches. Have a Blessed Christmas.

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