Four Hundred-Thirty-Sixth Care Page Post, Last Regular CarePage Update, Part Two

Josiah’s Updates

Final Regular Post, Part 2

Posted 11 hours ago

Brandon is in his final year at Eastern Michigan University & is hoping to take Firefighting classes that school in Farmington Hills, the name escapes me now, in a year or two, after he’s saved up enough for tuition. He’s still keeping crazy hours (not that I can talk!) trying to do it all with work, friends, school, & (occasionally) church. He’s enjoyed attending the church at Wayne State University, Life Church, I believe, & having some Bible studies or other Christian fellowship on his campus & elsewhere. He’s also kind of reinvigorated his Swing Dancing moves & has been attending such events in the last few weeks, including last week’s Halloween themed Swing Dance where he rocked a Christopher Reeve-esque Superman costume…& even got pulled over by a cop while so attired (fortunately without a citation but disappointingly without photographic evidence)! Please pray for God’s guidance & provision in Brandon’s life…

Clarissa is still very busy with her InterVarsity leadership activities at U of M Dearborn & Henry Ford (Community?) College. She hopes to take some classes at Henry Ford for a couple of semesters before returning to U of M Dearborn if we can ever clear up some of the academic/disability (ADHD) issues. Given the forgetfulness associated with this it’s actually more challenging than one would hope. She’s very busy with work & IV so that Michael rarely sees her & I usually see her after midnight. Please pray for her as she is wrestling with some relationship issues & as she ponders, plans, & executes her academic/employment future. She is a lovely young lady who is enjoying singing on our church’s worship team on the Sundays that her dad is also playing bass for worship…

Nathaniel is still in the learning curve phase of a new position at his work. He is working an inside computer based job rather than driving the truck & managing inventory at his work site & at customer’s facilities. Pray for him as he continues to surrender his life & path to the Lord & as he & his (relatively) new wife, Tara, are learning to build their marriage on the rock that is Christ Jesus. They have been looking for a church home that works for both of them & may have decided to get planted at Life Bridge Church in Taylor. We visited that church with them recently & I was pleased to discover that there is an outreach event for people with disabilities there, sponsored by Tim Tebow’s Foundation. We’re not sure if Josiah will attend this event or not yet, as it’s in February. Please pray for Nathaniel & Tara, for their marriage & lives to be firmly grounded on the rock, & for the Lord to order their steps. Michael was pleased to learn that N had attended a Men’s Retreat at one of his co-worker’s churches. Nathaniel has also opened his home for Michael to lead a roughly monthly young men’s Bible study/fellowship that has been an apparent blessing for all involved.

I am still in a relative “re-grouping” phase since the “demise” of the special education “case”. I’m not yet sure what (if any) direction to take those efforts in. There is a huge amount of material I’ve amassed in preparation for the case & I’d like to (potentially & theoretically) put it to use to benefit Josiah first & others ultimately. I don’t know if this means heading more into an advocacy direction or what. I’ve “avoided” digging back into all of the Transition materials that I’ve accumulated because sometimes I frankly get overwhelmed with the whole process. I’m honestly still very angry about what happened (or more accurately didn’t happen) & our seeming powerlessness to actually get anything done about it. That frustration has yet to find a healthy outlet but I trust that ultimately none of that excessive work done will go to waste. I desire for it to benefit Josiah directly first but ultimately hope it may be beneficial to others too & that our experiences can assist others in similar circumstances to avoid some of the traps & pitfalls we’ve encountered.

Also, I eventually need to make some efforts toward getting back into the workforce. That process has been compounded by our transportation struggles since Clarissa wrecked one of our cars about a year ago. We’re nearing the acquisition of another vehicle so having more reliable & available transportation may ultimately facilitate my (mostly theoretical) job search. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance & direction as to where I go from here, how I might best glorify the Lord with the time I have left, how I may be able to assist our family financially, & how my background, education, & experience can be benefiting others beyond my family (God Willing)…

Well thank you so much for lifting Josiah (& our family) in prayer so many times over the years. We are so thankful for your loving, prayerful, & supportive involvement over some pretty wild adventures. May the Lord continue to Guide, Direct, Bless, & Provide for each of you, according to His Riches in Glory in Christ Jesus!

Your Fellow Soldier in the Kingdom of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!

Valerie Curren

PS On Josiah’s recent fun activities list he & Hamzah (his respite worker) attended the Detroit Pistons opening game at Little Caesar’s Arena (LCA) & had a really good time…Hamzah has season tickets so this may end up being a somewhat regular event for them…& they have been using sports stats to help improve some of Josiah’s math skills to some degree–bonus!

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