Four Hundred-Thirty-Seventh Care Page Post, Final CarePage Update, Referral to New Site

Josiah’s Updates

New Message Site & Final Update…

Posted 3 hours ago

Dear Jazzman Readers & Prayer Warriors,

Since CarePages is ending its service I have been looking for a new place to share updates & prayer requests about Josiah (& our family). Here is where we landed:

Please consider joining us there and following along even further on Josiah’s Journey.

Also, I have “archived” all of the material here at JournalingForTheJazzman at

We have also “archived” Josiah’s personal carepage JosiahTheOvercomer at

I hope to use the CaringBridge site with the more intimate & personal updates, like I did here at CarePages but may also go beyond “archiving” at JazzmanJournal. It remains to be seen how things will develop.

I’m very sad to see the CarePages service come to an end. This site made some very significant communications possible & provided an avenue for many blessings & encouragements & prayers to flow amongst us. Thank you so much for being part of caring for Josiah’s myriad needs by joining us here. I hope you will choose to continue interacting with our wild ride at both CaringBridge and WordPress.

May the Lord continue to minister to YOU & your family & loved ones and Bless You Mightily, in the name of Jesus!

Thank you for so much loving & faithful & prayerful support during so many difficult & painful & even Joyful experiences over the years. You have blessed us by being part of our Team. May the Lord guide & direct your footsteps & ours!

Much Love & Thankfulness, In Christ,

Valerie Curren
Josiah’s Weary, Warrior-Woman Mother…
& your Sister in Christ
& Fellow Soldier of the Cross

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