Four Hundred-Thirty-Fifth Care Page Post, Last Regular CarePage Update, Part One

Josiah’s Updates

Final Regular Post

Posted 11 hours ago

Dear Jazzman Readers & Prayer Warriors,

I’m sorry to say that CarePages is ending its service tomorrow so we will no longer be able to use this avenue to share our prayer needs & happenings with you. I hope to explore a couple options today to see if an alternate service could provide similar supports & communication facilitation as CarePages. In the meantime…

I have archived all the JournalingForTheJazzman posts here:

in case any one else would like to be able to access the details of our journey, thus far, in caring for Josiah’s needs, especially surrounding the Liver Transplant…

Josiah & I have archived his JosiahTheOvercomer CarePage at

Of course Josiah continues to blog at

& I (occasionally) blog at

If any of you choose to contact us via wordpress either Josiah or I can more easily interface with you & respond/reply to messages (if you sign in there).

So, here’s the latest of what’s been happening with Josiah & the Curren Clan:

Josiah is in the midst of Floor Hockey season with Special Olympics. They had a tournament a couple weeks ago but no one in our family could attend. Michael, Brandon, & Clarissa were out of town hunting & I was very sick with some type of bug (that most of the rest of the family ended up fighting). Fortunately Josiah’s regular Respite/Community Living Supports worker, Hamzah (please pray for his salvation), was able to take him to this event. Floor Hockey is supposed to be having some type of State Level competition, similar to what Josiah attended with Track & Field in Special Olympics, & he is debating going because there is another event potentially conflicting with it…

That event would be the Playoff Football season for a Junior High team that Josiah has been asked to participate on coaching staff with–The Allen Park Bull Dogs. He was invited by a friend to attend one of the games & he really enjoyed being along the sidelines so the friend arranged for Josiah to sign coaching paperwork so he could be official. This friend actually did what the family usually does (assisting Josiah in understanding the implications of something before he signs a document) so that Josiah could be fully able to interact & go onto the football field as needed. Josiah is functioning more as a “motivational coach” & he really is enjoying it encouraging kids & being a good example. The other Saturday, when U of M’s football team was playing an away game, Josiah was able to coach the Bull Dogs at The Big House in Ann Arbor with his friend!

Anyway, please pray for Josiah as he weighs the decision of attending States w/ Special Olympics Floor Hockey, or goes to the playoff game(s) with the Bull Dogs. He’s fairly torn about what to do because he’d really like to be in two places at once (who wouldn’t???)…

Also in Special Olympics the Basketball Season is set to be starting up soon with tryouts coming in the next week or two. This means that Josiah has nearly completed his First Year as a Special Olympian…& this has been a big deal in his life. We’re so thankful for this organization & how enriching participating in their events has been for Josiah.

He also has really been enjoying fellowship activities as they arise. Wednesday evenings he usually attends the Arkay special needs hang out near the Eureka Olive Garden. This past Wednesday, however, he was invited out to dinner with one of his high school friends, who happened to be in town, and a surprise guest. It turns out that his friend had invited the girl that Josiah has had a crush on for years to share in their dinner outing. He had a great time of Christian fellowship with both of these young people, & they were all able to share a little about their faith journeys with each other.

We’ve finally gotten some additional staff hours with another Respite Worker/Community Living Supports provider. She is a young lady, Colleen, who formerly worked at Bob Evans with Nathaniel, Tara, & Brandon (not sure if her employment overlapped Clarissa’s or not). She & Brandon are still very good friends & occasionally hang out. We are in the first month of the trial phase of her working with Josiah, but so far things seem to be going pretty well. We’re hoping that she will help him work on his communication skills with women in particular, in addition to other necessary supports.

In working diligently to “archive” both Josiah’s & my material from CarePages I discovered some intriguing info. Apparently Josiah has previously said that one of the reasons he really likes to blast out praise & worship music is that it reminds him of his vision of heaven that he experienced during his Liver Transplant. I don’t know if he recalls this insight now (I haven’t asked him lately) but it blesses me to know that at least initially he was experiencing a lingering “taste of heaven” here on earth during worship!

I alluded to Michael’s, B’s, & C’s bowhunting trip above, & that season is in full effect now, though the Currens have had limited chances to participate. Rifle season goes from November 15-30 & then bow continues to the end of the year. Michael hopes to have an extended rifle hunt in the vicinity of Thanksgiving & hopefully Brandon & Clarissa will be able to swing some time up North then as well. It looks like Nathaniel is skipping hunting season this year for budgetary reasons, so that means it’s not likely that Tara will explore hunting (as she’s hoped) until perhaps next fall. Both Michael & Brandon, & M’s hunting buddy Pete all acquired Muzzleloaders this year, so they hope to take advantage of these powerful & accurate weapons sometime in December.

Once the hunting bug bites it’s usually challenging for Michael to switch gears & indulge his musician side. However he ran into an exceedingly beneficial deal on a new (to him) bass & so has been spending some time tweaking this new instrument. He also has acquired some PA equipment which has facilitated some of the Lively Pelts gigs. Given that they’ve actually been paid a number of times to play now Michael has semi-officially transitioned into the realm of “professional” musician. He still considers his musical outpourings to be more of a ministry & uses these opportunities to glorify the Lord! He had a pretty busy summer with the Pelts, even more than his former band Harken had, so his band transition earlier this year served to widen his musical horizons & increased his connections with the local Christian Rock Music scene, which is rather like an extended family. I’ve been blessed to have attended all of Michael’s Lively Pelts gigs thus far & have only missed a couple of his Rock Band events over the years (usually due to Josiah’s needs). We’re so thankful that Michael has this outlet!

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