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Josiah’s Updates

Josiah’s Prayer Need, etc

Posted Oct 8, 2016 11:39pm

I just wrote in some detail about some of what Josiah is facing at the Special Connections blog cited above…so please check that posting if you want more info. Josiah is struggling and has been hurting as he wrestles with the possibility that he could give in to deception and turn away from the Lord…He has been spending A Lot of time in prayer and Bible study and in discussions with Michael and I, in particular, but also in doubting, fearing, questioning, and focusing too heavily on his feelings more than his assurance of faith. So please lift up Josiah in particular, and the rest of the family, as we work to assist him in this battle.

Josiah and Michael have returned North to the Hunting Shack for the second consecutive weekend for hunting (Bowhunting Season opened last weekend) and spiritual retreat. Please lift this adventure up to the Lord…

Things have been quite busy around here in recent weeks/months…Nathaniel is nearing closing on the House he put a Purchase Offer on, and this may happen as early as later this week…and of course, wedding prep/plans are ongoing…

Brandon has been plagued with car challenges and we just got his second car out of the shop yesterday! He and Michael have put in so many hours recently between Our two vehicles and Brandon’s 2 cars, though he did finally unload his other car…I guess this goes along with owning older vehicles (pretty much a necessity based on financial issues) so we’re “used to” the process & it’s tediousness…Classes have resumed at EMU for B and he’s been quite busy with work, school, Soccer, and social activities with friends!

Clarissa has started classes at the University of Michigan, Dearborn and she seems to be really enjoying herself! She has gotten involved with IV (InterVarsity, a Christian fellowship group) on campus and is quickly getting to know A Lot of people. I commented to her after her first week of class & IV encounters that it seemed like she had more of a social life in one week of college than in four years of highschool–and she agreed! We had a hectic time getting her Driver’s Licence situated but she finally has her photo DL, rather than just the temporary paper one. She’s also been adjusting to her Part Time job, at Bob Evans (along with Brandon), doing Kitchen Prep, which keeps her schedule pretty tight.

Josiah has been struggling to find his place again. After several trips North in relatively close succession (he & I in Gaylord a couple times, family there for Labor Day, & now w/M at The Shack again) and this can make it difficult for him to adjust across locales…added into his current spiritual battle he’s been having a pretty difficult time lately…

Early in the current school year Josiah & I went by his old High School to pick up a Sports Pass, so he can attend sporting events of his choice at a discount. He ended up spending a bit of time on campus and interacting with several special people including his former Para Pro and (at least) one of his teachers. The teacher gave him a list of “Community Services” handout that they presumably use in their Transition-Style services that were completely denied to him while he was a student (a significant component of our recent Special Ed “Case”)…The fact that this teacher recognized the importance of this information enough to share with J was good, but it reinforced how inadequate were the “Transition Services” he did (NOT) receive…(obviously I’m not at all good at “letting things go”…especially when injustice and illegality is involved…we are still pending a contact, via a friend, where there still may be an avenue to seek a redress of these grievances…) Being at school was hard on him and seemed to lead him into a place of an emotional slump, and though he has seen a couple of friends briefly, including at two football games he attended, he’s still likely still hurting in this domain…

He did recently get yet another new Supports Coordinator from Community Mental Health where the prior one had only one visit here before departing for parts unknown. This new person is at least supervised by the woman who was a prior SC for a decent amount of time, so that connection may ultimately be helpful. The new Supports Coordinator has been doing a seemingly better job at follow through on some of the issues, so perhaps needed services will finally begin/continue. She even has made some efforts in relation to in-home therapies so we may finally see that important intervention return. Please pray that we can get connected with the correct people in God’s timing to best meet Josiah’s and the family’s needs.

One disappointing thing that the new SC did is that she cut back Josiah’s hours for Respite Care and/or Community Living Services, because we hadn’t been using the hours he was allotted. This was extremely frustrating since the only reason we haven’t used all the hours (except when we’ve been out of town) was the Lack of Staffing to provide such hours, even after multiple requests to increase staffing since his Respite/CLS worker was known to Not be available to provide All of the needed hours. Josiah’s hours allotted were the same as when he was a full time student, and even less available typically than now, and had previously been slated to Increase due to his no longer FT student status. Ironically, when the Special Ed Case was going on, a discussion with a previous SC indicated that we would have been fully in our rights to request an investigation or hearing about the lack of Compliance on the part of Community Mental Health to honor their obligations to Josiah…but I was already stretched so thin with “The Case” this just wasn’t something I was prepared to pursue at that time…sigh…

I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get Clarissa situated for the start of school, especially in relation to textbook acquisition. Unfortunately, we didn’t jump on this task sufficiently early to get things as cheaply as possible via online shopping but a “price match guarantee” at the Campus Book Store served as an incentive to research the best (qualifying) deals to at least get some money back. However that “guarantee” was hardly as golden as advertised so we got another first hand encounter with the cliche “buyer beware” cautionary proverb. My online wanderings will lead (hopefully soon) to a fairly detailed “article” at the Special Connections blog that I (and others) can turn to for guidance on future discount textbook acquisition…in yet another arena of Live & Learn!

Finally, Michael’s band Harken has had a number of gigs that have kept us on the run and outside of church recently. This fun and faithful ministry is a blessing to our family and so many others and thankfully each of our kids has been able to participate in varying degrees with it over the years! Michael was even blessed to have several friends come to some recent concerts, which was such an encouragement to him!

Well, Blessings to All! Thanks for lifting our family to the Lord in prayer as He leads. We really appreciate how so many of you have been along for so much of the roller coaster ride that is the Journey with the Jazzman! In Christ, Valerie

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