Four Hundred-Twenty-Third Care Page Post

Josiah’s Updates

Liver Transplant 4 Years Ago, Today!

Posted Jul 30, 2017 11:30pm

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Josiah is doing better each day, & a little later I’ll post an update. However, today, July 30th is the official 4th anniversary of his Liver Transplant & so I compiled that Transplant Tale into a blog post primarily from source material I’d written over the years here at the carepages blog. Today’s post contains much of the transplant related material starting from when the Liver Masses/Tumors were discovered through the first couple of days post-Transplant. It allows us (& I’m including myself because I couldn’t fully read or process everything even as I copied/pasted things) to read an “abbreviated” version of that journey in one place. Please consider checking that (lengthy) post out:

I share it with you today because of the date, because so many of you have been praying for Josiah, and because so much of what has been written before reflects God’s merciful hand of providence for Josiah in small & great ways during some extremely challenging circumstances.

I guess that means it represents the hard road, the narrow way, & some refreshing stops along the way….aka it could be taken (to some extent) as a narrative Praise Report (of sorts).

Thanks so much for your many prayers & encouragements about Josiah during the Transplant saga & even our current medical challenges. We have been mightily blessed by this outpouring of Christian caring.

Thank you for your prayers & encouragement–God Bless You ALL Richly!!!


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Posted Jul 31, 2017 1:42pm

Thanks. I checked J’s blog and left a comment. Keep on keeping on in His Strength and Provisions.

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